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George JohnsonHello my name is George Johnson. Welcome to ZB 2000, Inc. This blog is dedicated to all your screensaver needs. People often asked me why I dedicate my time and talent to screensavers. I find that a weird question. But I totally understand why people ask me that. So let me take this section of my blog to explain.

In the earlier days when desktops where at their heyday, screensavers were the charm. The better graphics and unique the screen saver, the better. Nowadays, screensavers are taken for granted. As technology improved, screen savers are now automatically integrated in a system, like something automatic. Graphics improved as well and so as many forms of applications can be used to personalize the computer. Now, screensavers are less valued and even treated as a nuisance that it is disabled because it pops every now and then. But screen savers are still important. Do you know that screen savers began as a way to avoid screen burn in? Before LCDs, monitors show shadows of exposed areas of phosphor coating, so to avoid this screen savers were created to change images that will prevent this from happening. Screensavers also are used today to provide a prompt for password when a certain time of inactive happens, protecting privacy and files. They can also be used for entertainment and promotion. Logos of companies are being displayed by screen savers.

So I created this blog in 2014 so people can discover the wonderful invention of the screen saver. I got interested in this feature since my student days as a computer software engineer. Though I mainly focus on development of computer software and a little on graphic design, my little pet project on computer screen savers has led me to put up this blog. I want to hear more about what people think about screen savers and how it will become more useful for IT professionals and the general public. If you have anything to say please contact me here or visit my hub at 6959 Harwin Dr, Houston, TX 77036

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