Enterprise Vault Analysis and Overview

Enterprise Vault is an information archiving solution from Symantec, which is the same company that also makes antivirus software. The most recent version of this software is Enterprise Vault 11 which adds a bunch of new stuff to the equation.

For example, you know have integration with different services including Google Mail, or Office 365 or any email system that uses IMAP. The goal of the system is to try and make sure that it’s easy for those on the end side to use enterprise software and becomes more productive in their IT services.

Overall Features

One of the key features for this program is the ability to archive information that isn’t accessed as much in storage that isn’t as expensive. This is important because if you store a huge amount of information you hardly want to put all of that information in the best storage areas possible because these are often quite expensive and not worth it for just little bits of data that you won’t access in years and years.

After all, if you don’t need to access the information why make it easy to access if putting it in an area that is harder to access is going to save you a bunch of money? This is the idea behind the upgrade. There are also new features including compliance functions and the ability for e-discovery using the software.6cd2f699-3e2c-4ad4-a789-78757d547ea8

You can use virtualization as well in order to deeply your electronic infrastructure easily without needing to buy a lot of new hardware. This is important because virtualization is one of the largest growing trends in the modern world and it’s important to stay on top of it.

If you can use a virtual machine to archive data then you should really do it since it’s often way cheaper than the other methods available. As a result, it’s important to find software like Enterprise Vault Search that can do it all.

Some of the extra features you get include the ability to flag certain emails and identify them, especially emails that are likely going to have supremely sensitive information in them that are private to the individual and possibly even contained within an NDA agreement. Information that falls under this purview includes private phone numbers, credit card numbers and information, social security numbers and so on.

You really don’t want this information getting out, so it’s important to have archive software like Vault that can help you identify it and keep it under wraps if at all possible. The software can also help you search and locate information across all of  your email accounts, across all of SharePoint, through instant messages and so on. This is important for being able to locate what you need when you need it.

The software can also work well with SharePoint in various capacities including by helping the program document libraries and store things with as much optimization as possible.7cbacd42-eb39-4111-a758-e18dd132690a

In general, Vault is software that will help and synergize with SharePoint. That’s the purpose for which it will help the most.

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