4K Monitor Enhances your Gaming Experience

The ultra HD or 4K resolution has gripped the recent television and PC market. The 4K screen resolution refers to the displays with approximately 4,000 horizontal pixels which are just double the horizontal pixels of a 1080p Full-HD monitor. But in common term, 4k has become the synonym for Ultra High Definition TV which has a resolution of 3840×2160. With this kind of screen resolution 4K monitor or HDTV produces pictures with more clarity, accurate colour and minute detailing.

The second generation of the 4K TV that was launched this year is a huge success and it is said that the next generation of these HDTVs will be launched in quite some time. Even, several famous broadcasting channels are gaming to launch a separate segment of high definition content for ultra HD or 4K TVs.

4K monitors make more sense than 4K TV:

Keeping in mind the present scenario, it would be true to say that 4K resolution is more useful with PC than HDTV. In order to be benefitted with 4K resolution, you need have television contents solely designed to offer 4K clarity. But there is very less 4K TV content available to watch, everything you are likely to watch will be in resolution of 1080p.

4k monitor from view

But in case of computer monitor the scenario is different. PCs having the latest operating systems Linux, Mac even Windows can produce picture with higher resolution than 1080p.In order to enjoy supreme picture quality you can plug in a 4K monitor to your computer and increase the screen resolution to 3840×2160, provided by your computer’s graphic card support this higher resolution. As you watch your computer monitor at less distance from TV, the hike in pixel density and resolution will be even more significant than with a television screen.

The good news is while nearly a year back buying this advance monitor was a distant dream, now various companies are trying to make it available in an affordable price.

Check Refresh rate of screen:

There are some 4K monitors available in market which promises to deliver nice picture quality, amazing 4K resolution and most surprisingly they are not much expensive. The problem with these cheap monitors is that their low refresh rate. Refresh rate is the frequency that the 4K screen updates itself. While good, modern monitors have a refresh rate of 60hz normally, the refresh rate of these cheap monitors is 30hz.

For better computing and gaming experience you should get a 4K monitor for your PC no matter you have to spend some extra bucks. Unlike with a TV, the clarity and detailing of 4K PC monitor will always attract your notice, even when you are just looking at the taskbar of your computer.



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